Easy text with image background and reflection

By , last updated July 3, 2017

In this GIMP tutorial I’m going to show how to super easily make a text with an image background. Here’s our result:

sftextures text from colorful image

  1. Open GIMP and create a new file. I have created a 1000×500 pixels worksheet.
  2. Choose “Text Tool” and write your text. I’ve used a beautiful Coolsville font for this purpose that I have downloaded at Azfonts.net. Here is how to install new fonts in GIMP.write text gimp
  3. Find a background image. I’ve used this colorful moss texture from sftextures.com:old tile mossy dirty roof green yellow small spots moss trunks dry brown grey colors huge small textureImport the image as a new layer under the text layer and resize the image so that it just covers the text:

    drop texture behind text

  4. Right click on the layer with the text and choose “Alpha to Selection”. This should select your text like this:color to selection
  5. Invert the selection in order to be able to delete the background. Choose Select -> Invert (or Ctrl + I). Now it is the background that is selected, not the text.invert selection
  6. Hide the text layer. You should see something like this:hide text layer
  7. Choose the layer with the background image and click Delete:only text with image background
  8. Duplicate the layer with this new text.
  9. Drop shadow: Filters -> Light and Shadow -> Drop Shadowshadow on text
  10. Add Bevel: Filters -> Decor -> Add Bevel. Choose a thickness of around 10.add bevel to text
  11. Now we are going to make a reflection. Select the other (unaffected) layer with text from step 8. Choose Layer -> Transform -> Flip Vertically. Move the reflected text to the bottom of the first text layer.reflected text
  12. Right mouse click on this flipped text layer and select “Add Layer Mask”. Select “White (Full opacity)” and click Add.
  13. Select Blend Tool, Choose Black Foreground color and White Background color and draw a line with a “Blend Tool” from bottom to top:blend tool bottom to top

The result:

sftextures text from colorful image