GIMP tutorial – burnt grass

By , last updated July 3, 2017

Take a look at the image we’ll be creating by the end of this GIMP tutroial.

burnt grass with plasma filter in gimp

Introduction and Preparation

I’m going to use this nice natural green grass texture as a start image that can be downloaded here.

green lawn grass small narrow weed blades mix clover plant small leaves bright color Norway seamless texture

Step one – How to begin

Open the downloaded texture in GIMP.

Create a new layer and fill it with plasma by choosing Filter -> Render -> Clouds -> Plasma.

render plasma clouds in gimp

Step two – Add fire path

Choose a turbulence around 2 – not too much and not too little. Just so burnt areas look like a natural fire path.

plasma settings turbulence in gimp

In the Toolbox change the “Plasma” layer mode to Burn.

layer mode changed to burn

What you see now is grass that looks like someone has spilled different color paints on it. Don’t worry. We’ll fix it by removing the color of the plasma layer.

colored burnt grass

Step three – burn grass

In order to remove the colors from a layer choose Colors -> Desaturate.

desaturate colors of plasma layer

In the Settings window for removing colors I have chosen Luminosity. I think it makes the most natural burned areas on the grass.

coose luminosity as desaturate mode


The final image. Thanks for reading the tutorial.

burnt grass with plasma filter in gimp