GIMP tutorial – create a rose texture using the path tool and transparent background

By , last updated July 3, 2017

Hi everyone hope you are having a great day

Today I am going to show you a simple tutorial in GIMP on how to create a texture from a photograph taken from this website


This picture is a simple photograph of a rose plant. As we need just the rose let us cut out the background. For that here are the steps involved

  1. Open Gimp with a transparent background and save the file as rosetexture.xcf
  2. Under File in menu click open as layers and open this picture
  3. Select the paths tool ether by clicking it or pressing the alphabet B in your keyboard
  4. Now carefully outline the rose using the path tool and press enter in your keyboard.
    Snap 2014-12-01 at 23.15.23
  5. Do you see the outline selected(it will be like ants moving around in a clockwise direction)We have now selected the rose but we need to get rid of the background so for that all we need to do is reverse the selection by pressing Ctrl + I in your keyboard. Your selection has now been inversed (which you can confirm by seeing the ants running around your background border)
  6. Next click Layers > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel. This makes your selection transparent once you delete it, So now press del to delete your selection.
    Snap 2014-12-01 at 23.19.48
  7. Do you see a checkerboard in the background? This means that your background is transparent. Save your work at this stage by pressing ctrl + S
  8. Now go to the layers window on your right and click an icon that looks like 2 pictures one behind the other to duplicate your layer. Snap 2014-12-01 at 23.20.47
  9. Want to get rids of the ants running around your lovely work so far? Simply press Ctrl +Shift + A to deselect them all
  10. Before creating your texture let us make your rose smaller by using the transform tool. Select it as reduce it to a size of your choice. I chose 100×66.
  11. Seeing the larger rose in the background? Simply hide it by clicking the eye icon of the particular layer Snap 2014-12-01 at 23.23.05
  12. Now to duplicate the rose simply duplicate the smaller rose layer as many times as you want by using the two frames and rearrange the rose in each layer in a manner you like. And voila you have your rose texture.
  13. Now save your work. Want to post this online and yet have a transparent background? Save this as a.png file under save as options in File in GIMP.

My final output looks like this


Hope you liked this tutorial. Please keep visiting for such future simple tutorials in GIMP.

Srividya Sundar