Creating a Metal Type Effect

By , last updated July 3, 2017


The image that is going to be used for this tutorial is taken from the below link, it’s always a good idea to use a high resolution texture for crisp and sharp results.

  1. Launch Photoshop.
  2. Open the image with the cross pattern, File > Open. Search for where you saved.
  3. Save your file as PSD
  4. From the tools select type tool and type any text you want.
  5. Next open the second image and drag/drop it into the PSD file.
  6. Name this layer “metal”.
  7. Point your mouse between the ‘metal’ and type layers, press ALT key and click; make sure the texture is above the type tool. This will mask the texture into the text. This can also be achieved by other ways like using gradient. Tut_7_1-s7
  8. You can use other texture variations as well. Click the Metal layer and move it around on the canvas, once satisfied with the position of the highlights stop dragging.
  9. Next select the Type layer, CTRL + Click on the ‘T’ Thumbnail, this generates a selection around the fontTut_7_2-s9
  10. Insert a new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N); rename the layer to “outer stroke”.
  11. Next go to Edit > Stroke…
  12. Change the setting to Outside select a random gray color and press OK.Tut_7_3-s12
  13. Until now your progress should meet the below progressTut_7_4-s13
  14. Next we are going to add layer styles first to the stroke layer
  15. The below screen shots should be followed to achieve similar effects.Tut_7_5-s15 Tut_7_6-s15 Tut_7_7-s15
  16. Next some layer styles for the Type layer.
  17. Follow the setting from the images below to get the results as shown.Tut_7_8-s17 Tut_7_9-s17
  18. For the last step add some dark shades for an interesting effect.
  19. Here is the final result.Tut_7_Final