How to color a black and white number plate using blend modes

By , last updated July 3, 2017

The image that is going to be used for this Photoshop tutorial is taken from the below link:

metal number sign 58 fifty eight cut pattern door house mark four edges two digits old damaged weathered texture

1. File > Open > Browse the image you have just downloaded from the above link.

2. First you need to remove the blue worn out paint. Make sure you double click the background layer and unlock it. It’s always good to save your file as PSD.

3. Rename the layer to “58 Sign”.

rename the layer in photoshop tutorial

4.Press CTRL + U, this will launch the Hue/Saturation dialogue, from the drop down menu that reads “Master” click open it and select blue; this will only affect the blue channel. Drag the saturation slider all the way to left. This get rids of the blue.

launch the hue saturation dialog in photoshop

5. Insert a new layer (CTRL + N) and name this layer “58 Color”.
insert new layer in photoshop

6. Now select the brush tool from the tools menu, select a color of your choice for this tutorial “#ffea00” is used.

7.The brush is set to a hardness of 50%; this will merge the paint edges and give a clean look.

select brush tool with hardness 50 in photoshop

8. Making sure you are working on the empty layer carefully paint over the “5” and “8”.

9. Next change the layer blend mode to “Color”. Blend modes are located on the top left section of the layers panel.

change layer blend mode from normal to color in photoshop

10.Go ahead and follow the same procedure for the base color. Make sure to paint the base in a separate layer.

11.Here is the final result:

final image metal plate with colored digits 58 texture