How to use two different textures and merge them.

By , last updated July 3, 2017

For this tutorial the following images have been used:
– old military building
– dirty camouflage window

In this tutorial we take two different images and edit them with some very basic techniques and publish out a completely new image.
1. Launch Photoshop.
2. Open both the textures you just downloaded.
3. With the building image selected, File > Save As, save a new PSD.
4. Select the Window image drag and drop it on the building image to have something like the screen shot below:

Drag and drop one image on another in Photoshop to merge

5. Do note the placement of the window is critical, here it’s place approximately closer to the brick seams. This will help to blend the window in a much easier way.
6. Insert a new Layer (CTRL + N)
7. Next take the brush tool (B), select a dark brown color here (#2a271e) was selected; start painting around the borders of the windows. Keep the hardness of the brush to 50% to have some soft results. A quick tip would be to press SHIFT and click around the four corners to get straight lines.
8. Next do some free hand painting to uneven the border, just like everything is not perfect. Irregularity adds realism, the cement between the bricks and window edges should be uneven too. Take a look at the below screen shot. Simply paint unevenly to get good results.

do some free hand painting to uneven the border on image in photoshop

9. Once you are satisfied, you can add another window. Follow the same steps as above accept when you have to uneven the edges keep them random for a natural look.

add another window on military building texture