How to watermark a picture in Photoshop

By , last updated July 3, 2017

One of the most professional ways to add a watermark to an image is by using an editing software application and Photoshop is certainly the most popular. While there are other ways to watermark an image, using Photoshop does have its own advantages, including the maximum level of adaptability and customization that so many users need. While other programs can be used to add simple signatures or text watermarks to a designated part of the image, most photographers need the ability to adjust the location, size, look, transparency and other attributes of the watermark. There are several ways to watermark images in Photoshop, but here are the easiest and fastest options.

  1. Open the Image you need to watermark in Photoshop. We used a beautiful purple stock photo as an example.

    open stock photo from sftextures in photoshop

  2. Select the Type Tool and click on the desired location for your watermark. While most photographers today use a professional logo to watermark images, there are also many who just type their name or website in order to insure copyright or promote their work. For beginners, a text watermark should be enough.

    select location watermark on image in photoshop

  3. Type in the watermark text and adjust its size and font. After typing in the name, website or any other text, you can also adjust the text characteristics, choosing a font that best suits you or your brand, as well as a text size that allows it to be readable and recognizable, but still unobtrusive.

    type watermark text in photoshop

    choose text size for watermark text in photoshop

  4. Fine tune other characteristics of the text watermark, like transparency, shadows and others. If you desire a more polished look for your new watermark, adjust the transparency to say 50%, add some subtle shadow and whatever else could make it more personal.

    watermark characteristics transparency shadows photoshop tutorial

    watermark drop shadow text photoshop tutorial

  5. If you want to use a PNG image as a watermark, choose File > Place, select the image you want and click Place.

There are surely more complicated and professional ways to watermark images in Photoshop, including recorded actions and pre-designed shapes, but for the simplest option, a text or image watermark will do the job just right.