Selections and Pen Tool

By , last updated July 3, 2017

The image that is going to be used for this tutorial is taken from the below link, it’s always a good idea to use a high resolution texture for crisp and sharp results.

We will make a selection around the deer with a pen tool and remove it from its original background and place it in a new environment.

  1. Launch Photoshop.
  2. Open the image with the deer. File > Open
  3. Double click on the “Background” layer, this unlock the layer that is locked by default.
  4. Duplicate the Layer, simple press “CTRL+J”.
  5. Rename this layer to “Deer Cutout”.
  6. Turn the visibility off for the “Layer 0” layer. We keep this layer as a backup.
  7. Save your file at this point.
  8. Select the Pen Tool from the tool bar on the left side.Tut_6_1-s8
  9. For the next part you should be familiar with the basics of Pen Tool.
  10. Click on the edge of the deer’s back as shown in the image, and start to make part all around the deer. Several shots are present .Here is a view of the path only after the complete process.Tut_6_3-s10
  11. Next press (CTRL + ENTER) to convert the path into selection. See Image belowTut_6_4-s11
  12. Press CTRL + C this will copy the content side this selection that is the deer.
  13. Next open the second texture.
  14. Press CTRL + V this will paste the selection here onto a separate layer. See Image for how the deer will appear.Tut_6_5-s14
  15. Next press CTRL + T to scale down as shown in the image and re-position the deer with the help of the move tool as shown or if you like a different position.Tut_6_6-s15
  16. If you find any artifacts or areas that were missed in the pen tool selection process you can use the eraser too and a hard brush to erase and clean up.
  17. Also adjust the brightness (Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast) of the deer to match the scene. If the need be you can also use the Curve tool in the Adjustment menu to adjust the overall feel.
  18. Also use Color Balance (Image > Adjustments > Color Balance), to add a slight yellow tint to the deer. Since our target image is in bright sunlight.
  19. You can also paint a shadow with a dark green color and the blur out the shadow to give soft shadows.
  20. Here is the final result.